The Problem

Every year, thousands of animals cases never see a courtroom because of high litigation costs. The Animal Justice Fund wants to change that.

Animals face huge legal issues and consequences and need your help. Some pets are wrongfully seized by Animal Control and are euthanized because the owner could not afford to pay the impound fee. Several cities across the country are discriminating against specific breeds of dogs and dogs such as pitbulls are euthanized regardless of their behavior. Wildlife is also under constant attack between loss of habitat, unlawful hunting and other man-made obstacles. On top of problems such as these, currently the law states that pets are only worth the amount of money a owner paid for them.

The Animal Justice Fund believes that pets are worth much more than a simple replacement value and is working to limit Animal Control’s power, breed specific legislatoin, loss of habitat, along with countless other problems creatures face every day.

The sad reality is that there are examples of injustice towards animals all around us. These animals-both wild and domestic cannot fight for themselves and they need animal lovers to speak for them. Please click on the solution to see what we are doing about it.